Kriti Nagar Talks About the Her Journey With Visual Story Telling

Kriti Nagar Talks About the Her Journey With Visual Story Telling

Kriti Nagar is an expert film director. She is brilliant in directing films for various service and product based industries. Kriti have made twenty ad films, corporate video, training, marketing, and HR based films for various clients in India and abroad.

She is closely associated with many advertising agencies and production houses. Kriti also has a keen interest in writing scripts and stories for parallel and commercial cinema. Her aim is to make many feature films for parallel cinemas which can bring some amount of change in the society.


  • Kriti Nagar did her first international assignment in Manila, Philippines and as a Film Maker she adorn a great passion to work on creative canvas. 
  • She has been a key personnel in making various national and international projects in film making.


  • “Film making is not only a form of art. It is the visual display of your own heart and soul.”
  • “I aspire to make commercial films which my audience love to watch again and again.”

Do you recall any incidences from your childhood which influenced your decision to become a filmmaker? How has been your journey so far?

I always wanted to be on the stage during my school days. But apparently the stage never liked me. There were incidents where unconsciously I made blunders and given my audience a good laugh. Still I never fail to reach out to the stage. As a teenager, I never realized that the random stories that I imagine during the bed time will help me become a STORYTELLER. Though that time it was my biggest entertainment ever.

As I grew up, I found my unconditional love for writing and photography. For me, monsoon has always been my favourite season to capture great images. Somehow, I realized that through these pictures I can actually make a story and thanks to “windows movie maker” (The magic wand of that time), I started making videos with the help of pictures, text and of course background score.

This is how I have started making short videos which has helped me becoming a visual storyteller. The journey as a film maker, so far has been fascinating, I was really lucky to be a part of few national and international projects. This has helped me in becoming a better film director. Though I still have a long way to go.

What has been your most interesting experiences in the journey so far?

I truly believe that every new assignment gives some or the other learning. The most interesting experience was when I shot two corporate videos in Manila, Philippines. It was my first international assignment and I was very excited about it. It was the first time when I faced linguistic problem as most of the crew members were localite. There was just one person who knew English and the rest knew Tagalog. So it was a real challenge to communicate but still we shot a really good stuff.


What are the challenges of making a bootstrapped movie?

I aspire to make commercial films which my audience love to watch again and again. The most challenging thing in film making is finance and film distribution. This is the only reason why indie film makers like me get stuck in the process.

“It all starts with a script”. When the script is ready to shoot, what is your process of getting their?

Yes! Of course a script is the first step of conceiving a great film. I believe before scripting it is the idea and the message which drives the entire process of film making. After scripting, I design a storyboard to make sure there is no ambiguity in the film. This acts like a visual filter for me, as at any point of time I can get back to my script for tweaking. Then the production and post production happens.

What films have been the most influential or inspiring to you and why?

Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese has always been my inspiration. Films like Shutter Island, Hugo, Rebecca, Psycho, The man who knew too much, Rear Window to name a few, have always been an inspiration. It actually guides about how a story has been told through visuals.

Let’s take a hypothesis. There are six stories, all which have been done before. What do you do to keep your story fresh?

All the sides of the cube will look same until a person gets a different perception. In the same way, same story can be told in several different ways by giving a fresh perspective/angle to the story. For example, LOVE and compassion can be perceived different for everyone but the “feeling” will always remain the same. It’s all about perception. 

Who has been your greatest mentor in filmmaking?

Filmmaking is a process and I have always been lucky to be surrounded with many great creative professionals. My college professors have always been my backbone- Mr. Durgesh Pathak, Mr. Trilochan Kalra and Mr. Chander Mahadev.

Do you think more students must come forth to pursue unconventional career options?

I believe film industry demands undivided commitment and dedication- especially if you are behind the camera. So, if a student wants to pursue an unconventional career then it is important to dedicate his/her life completely to that thing. Passion is an essential ingredient.

What is your message for our readers who aim to stand amongst filmmakers?

Filmmaking is not only a form of art. It is the visual display of your own heart and soul. Being a visual storyteller is not a “JOB”, it is a life which is unique in itself. So, if you are passionate to dedicate your life into it.. Don’t listen to anyone.. just follow your heart.. rest will fall in its place.

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