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Picture this.  You enter a talk shop comprising of an ocean of people. Each one unlocking unconventional truths of their profession by intuitiveness, sensitivity, passion, and perhaps youth.

Imagine this. A forum where entrepreneurs are making financial forecasts, lawyers are editor at sports channels, musicians disclose how to make great record sessions, photographers reveal their secret gears and much more!

Fascinating right? This other world is possible.

Martini And More is platform where professionals speak about how they brought a change in their working lifestyle, the gadgets they use, the peaks of their career, their inspirations and how they have hacked their struggles.   

We cover talks not with acronyms, tech speak, and gobbledygook, but with actual reality of the change makers and how they do it right.

Why We Are Here

In the creative-driven world, the innovation from yesterday gets outdated tomorrow.  People need to constantly find better ways to build a competent product.

This is place where we have conversation with change makers. We are building the premiere destination of accurate information by an extensive range of professionals.  We aim to boost people with workable ideas for carving a niche in their professions.

Who Are The Experts

I prefer to call them the showrunners. Showrunners are the professionals who have combined creative inspiration with production know-how. It can be a traveler bicycling for over 25,000 km to a chef baking beacon cupcakes to 19-year old building a million dollar company.

All these experts share the idea behind their innovation. We have interviewed entrepreneurs, lawyers, musicians, photographers, chefs, travelers and many more!

We build neat little categories based on their experiences and expertise. And let’s just add a suffix of “And More” behind all of that!

How Does It Work

We reach out to individuals who have not just thought of an idea, but have raised an idea from infancy. We are a multiverse interview platform where individuals from a plethora of professions give insights about their work experiences and expertise.

Your role in it? Keep following us to stay updated with the latest trends of your profession and have the willingness to start something new.

Who Should Use Martini And More

If you are interested to save your time and energy from recurring pitfalls, come straight to Martini And More to leverage the skill of an expert.

Remember The Wizard of Oz ? For those who do, you will remember Dorothy singing about life “somewhere over the rainbow”. That is exactly where we head towards! We like to believe in the upbeats of life.

Trying to build a vision without prior preparation is like jumping off a plane without a parachute. So, we suggest you know the right way of attracting the good. You don’t need a golden opportunity or big lucky break. You just need the urge to begin.

The Problem We Solve

The motive is to keep it simple! We want to inspire people with facts, not fiction. Look beyond the obvious earmarks of a creative type to craft and deliver an amazing idea.

Let me give you a hypothesis: In the life of a hamster, they spin their wheels, trying to hustle, but never make any progress. In the end, they are just burnt out.

You don’t want to be that way. And hence, we are here to summon your dream into reality.

Keep following us!

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